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Arsoo Khazar food industry complex is located in the north of Iran, in the snowy and green slopes of the Alborz mountain range and in the vicinity of the virgin and old forests of Hyrkani in Guilan province.
This company is located on a land of 10,000 square meters, including 4 production halls with a total of 8,000 square meters of infrastructure, including mineral water production and packaging hall. Production hall of PET plastic containers, production hall of all kinds of pizza cheese, butter, yogurt and cream and all kinds of dairy products, as well as production hall of distilled water for medical and laboratory purposes. has been built
In addition, the factory is equipped with special cold stores with a capacity of 2000 tons to store cream, cheese, pizza and other dairy products.
((factory location))
On the northern side of the factory is the watery river Veres (Badab) and on the southern and eastern sides of the factory there are thousands of hectares of Hyrcanian forests and on the western side of the factory there is a road leading to Imamzadeh Ibrahim.
Arsoo Khazar Company obtains the water it needs from a special spring in the factory area, which is located in a favorable location and far from microbial and chemical pollutants as well as heavy metals, and it has unique and premium quality.
Harvested water, while having all useful mineral salts, is one of the few waters that has natural fluoride.
The premium quality of the water has caused Arsoo Khazar Company, in addition to obtaining the internal permits for the health and standard apple certificate, as well as the ISO quality certificate, to obtain the approval of the customs food laboratories of the Persian Gulf countries.
This company has started to produce all kinds of related products by using advanced machines and also produces all the plastic containers and PET bottles it needs daily. All products are tested and sampled during production and after the completion of the production stages by laboratory experts, using equipped devices in the quality control unit, and after final approval, it supplies its products to domestic and foreign markets.
Arsoo Khazar Company is the only water exporting unit in Gilan that regularly and without interruption exports all types of packaged water to Persian Gulf countries including Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, etc.
Also, Arsoo Khazar Company has built a dedicated wastewater treatment plant to protect the environment, for this reason, it is proud to receive the green and environmentally friendly industries badge.
Arsoo Khazar Company produces and markets all its products under three brands (Arsoo – Tuter – Arses).

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